13. April 2021

Trent Collective Agreement

Tufa and the university administration have accepted other letters (LoU), Memoranden (MoA, MoU) or Settlement Protocols (MoS) that contain common interpretations of certain sections of the collective agreement or that reflect agreements on related issues that are not explicitly considered by the parties in the negotiations. Such documents are our overall agreement with the employer. Individual transaction agreements are not published on the site. The new three-year contract is based on the province`s framework and also includes local issues and reflections negotiated collectively in the workplace. Part-time academics at Trent University, members of CUPE 3908 Unit 1, voted overwhelmingly to give their negotiating committee a strong mandate to take whatever steps they deem necessary to reach a fair agreement. This mandate includes strike action if the Committee deems it necessary. The vote took place online from January 17 to 24. Do., 14.11.2019 – Kawartha Pine Ridge District Board and CUPE Local 5555 have announced that they have entered into a new interim collective agreement. „Given the negotiation process in the provinces and the current climate we face, it is not easy to reach a local agreement that meets the needs of all our members,“ said Ron Maguire, President of CUPE Local 5555. which makes us one of a handful of CUPE education residents in the province with a provisional local agreement. „We thank CUPE representatives for the positive and respectful approach they took during these negotiations. On a number of local issues, we have found common ground that will benefit everyone,“ said Diane Lloyd, Chair of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

OPSEU Local 365 is the support workers` union on Trent University`s Symon campus in Peterborough Ontario and on the Durham GTA campus in Oshawa Ontario. We are made up of administration, buildings and services, computer science, library, scientific staff and secretariat in Trent. The employer recognizes that the Union is the sole and exclusive bargaining partner for all trent University students who regularly work more than 24 hours a week as teaching assistants, academic assistants, markers, proktors, Lab Demonstrators or Lab Advisors in academic programs in Peterborough and at the Oshawa sites, with the exception of all employees for whom a union had bargaining rights on 17 March. 1998. „Precarious employment and poverty wages are bad for post-secondary education and for our community. It is time for Trent to realize that our members are very committed to quality post-secondary training and that they are negotiating a fair contract that meets the very reasonable expectations of our members,“ said Mr. Champagne.