26. September 2021

Loan Note Purchase Agreement

To the best of the company`s knowledge153s, no employee is bound by any agreement or contract (including, but not limited to, licenses, agreements or obligations of any kind) or subject to an order, (i) which would conflict with an employee`s obligation153s the obligation to promote and promote the interests of the company, or (ii) that is related to the business` activities, the way it is done now would collide. The company has met all legal requirements regarding the employment of labour, including wages, hours, equal opportunities, collective bargaining and the payment of social security and other taxes, except, in any case, individually or globally, as this would not have significant negative effects. This Agreement, together with the Annexes and Schedules and other transaction documents, are designed by the Parties as the final expression of their agreement and are intended to be the subject of a complete and exclusive declaration of the Agreement and the Understanding of the Parties with respect to it and the Agreement. There are no restrictions, promises, insurance, guarantees or obligations, except those set out or mentioned in this document or in this document. This Agreement replaces, together with the Annexes and other transaction documents, all prior agreements and understandings between the Parties with respect to this matter. The company gave the buyer the opportunity to ask questions of the company and gave full access to its facilities and staff to respond to any requests made by the buyer and its representatives of the buyer, if any, with regard to the company and its activities, as well as any other matter related to the operation of the business, the offering and sale of bonds. Buyer acknowledges that he or she does not rely on any other investor or officer, director, shareholder, employee, agent, partner or associate of such investor to make or supervise such investment or investment decision in the business. .