23. September 2021

Hsa Collective Agreement Wage Grid

(6) It is considered that, for the duration of this collective agreement (from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2018), the additional market rates of remuneration are subject to economic increases as follows: the value of the dollar resulting from the percentage adjustments to the base rate is added to the market reference rate. However, this does not preclude an annual review of market premiums and may, where appropriate, provide for a further increase in wages, under LOU #13. The parties support the idea of an employee/family assistance program and recognize that in order to implement or modify a program, there must be joint consultation and agreement between the employer and the union. The program is voluntary and confidential, should not be used as a disciplinary procedure and is made available at a location outside the construction site. (c) Except by mutual agreement, staff are not required to participate in work in which the employee`s combined working time and jury/time to testify exceeds the regular daily working hours scheduled by a full-time employee in the field of work. 2. Workers shall be entitled to the abovementioned additional rate of remuneration for the contract if they are employed on the date on which the parties have agreed on the contract indemnity or if they are suspended after the date of implementation of the contract indemnity. (e) Any employee who chooses to reduce his working time in this way has the advantages of this agreement and is subject to the conditions of this agreement, since it concerns part-time staff. The following compensation plans are based on the principles of the education-based classification system, as negotiated between the Saskatchewan Health Sciences Association and the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations. At the request of a worker, the parties may agree to amend the provisions on working time by negotiating flexible working time arrangements. Under these agreements, fluctuations in working time may occur due to staggered start or end times or changes in the time set for lunch.

Employees would not work more than one hundred (112) hours over a period of three (3) weeks or eight (8) hours per day. Negotiated flexible working time agreements will continue, unless otherwise negotiated or terminated in accordance with the terms of the original agreement. (x) This Agreement may be terminated by any of the Parties within the first six (6) months of signature and ninety (90) days later of twenty-eight (28) days. Employees then return to the standard hours in accordance with Article 15.01 of the Collective Agreement in an orderly procedure, as agreed to by the parties. In the case of classifications benefiting from both market adjustment and a market premium and where the market top-up programme #12 #12 and #13 that classification benefits from a market increase leading to a rate of remuneration higher than the market-adjusted rate for that classification, the new market-increased rate shall be used for the calculation of wage premiums. . . .