21. September 2021

Funny Software License Agreement

When two tenants got their lease in a Word document instead of a PDF, they decided to edit the document with a special clause. The text of version 2, the most recent version of the license, written by Sam Hocevar:[4] We have only looked at some of the fun and wild clauses of the EULA in popular software. There are certainly more in the wild, but they are difficult to detect because no one reads them. A more serious application of the general conditions is usually ensured by other legal mechanisms. In 2006, video game developers sued Blizzard MDY, a company that developed software that allowed users to cheat in World of Warcraft, Blizzard`s massively multiplayer online game. In this case, it was claimed that the use of the software called Glider was contrary to Blizzard`s Terms of Use. Disclaimer I do not claim that this software is good for anything. If you think that`s cool. If it doesn`t work, it`s a shame. If you lose a million because it crashes, you`re the one who loses a million, not me…