16. September 2021

Credentialing Services Agreement Template

Save time and the endless frustration that comes with registering and registering suppliers. Let TAK manage your contracts. So you are a new provider and ready to see your first patient. Not so fast! If you want to purchase insurance, you must identify yourself to most insurance companies to get a refund. We help you with certification and contracting with the insurance companies of your choice. LSCS will electronically manage and monitor the customer`s registration data and send the customer a monthly summary of the status of the professional license(s), membership in a professional organization, and the customer`s continuing education credits via email. You may have been certified and under contract with your previous company. So many suppliers expect authorization and contracts to follow them in their new practice. It`s not true. When a supplier changes their tax identification number, new contracts often need to be obtained. If you change your status, certification must start again in the new state, if for national insurance companies. We can help you certify and obtain new contracts under the new tax ID or your social security number. The customer releases itself from its responsibility and undertakes to keep LSCS, its associates and its representatives from any liability without damages, (i) for the acts of a third party for which your personal or professional data are unlawfully intercepted, recovered or disclosed (ii) for inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise misleading information provided by the customer to LSCS; or (iii) for any omission or refusal by Customer to provide information provided by LSCS in the provision of its services under the Agreement.

Customer acknowledges that the services provided by LSCS are based on information provided by Customer and, therefore, Customer assumes exclusive responsibility for inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information provided to LSCS. Insurance Credentialing, also known as doctor`s or doctor`s card; Physicians and other healthcare professionals who wish to bill an insurance company and obtain reimbursement for services as network providers must undergo a certification process where the insurance company verifies the provider`s training, training, experience and competence and assigns the application a specific provider number. Your practice is growing and you need to add suppliers. Some insurance companies need group contracts for practices with more than one provider. Each supplier must identify themselves and either add to the group contract or have an individual contact who pays the practical tax ID. We can help you ensure that each provider has entered into the necessary application and contracts to ensure that your practice is paid for the services provided. Customer authorizes LS Credentialing Services, LLC, its collaborators and representatives to request or provide information about customer`s professional qualifications or references to or from customer`s current employer, professional member organizations, public and/or national authorities and public and/or national licensing bodies, in connection with the services provided by LSCS or as required by law, and undertakes to keep LSCS, its collaborators and representatives harmless from the provision or request of such information. When using TAK`s services, we ensure the timely certification of your suppliers and facilities. Our professional team ensures that all necessary documents for commercial and administrative registrations such as Medicare and Medicaid contracts are duly completed. LSCS undertakes to provide the services described below and any additional work, in accordance with the written agreement between LSCS and the client.

This Agreement represents the entire agreement of the Parties and supersedes all prior negotiations, agreements or declarations of intent. . . .