10. September 2021

Agreement On Regional Representation Of Kosovo

But what are the practical advantages of this agreement? As noted above, the agreement has enabled Kosovo to participate under its own name (but without the word „Republic“) in different regional forums and to participate in various initiatives such as CEFTA, the Regional Cooperation Council (GCC), the Brdo Brijuni process and, finally, the Berlin process and the resulting programmes: the Regional Bureau for Youth Cooperation (RYCO), the transport community, western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum, etc. However, the implementation of that agreement is not undisputed. Even today, Serbian representatives leave or refuse to participate in various demonstrations because the provisions of this agreement are not respected. Therefore, the agreement did not fully resolve the issue of Kosovo`s representation, but its importance for the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo and the promotion of regional cooperation, which is very beneficial for their citizens, should not be overlooked. . . .