9. September 2021

Affiliation Agreement Euroclear

On this page, we have compiled relevant forms and documents to link to us, a CSD, a limited liability company or other types of issuers of financial instruments. On this page you will also find our list of fees and charges, the terms and conditions of the IssuerCorner Service and other relevant forms and documents. If you cannot find the form or document you are looking for, please contact us. Review the main legal documents that govern your relationship with us, including our terms and conditions of sale, rules and operating procedures. Here you will find rules for issuers and issuers and our general conditions of sale For activity and clearing. Please also consult the list of participants in our newsletter of the 2nd. October 2020 with regard to a transitional period of three months for the implementation of foreign securities filing fees. Please note that you can either register or access MyEuroclear as a client (no login required) to view these documents….